Weekend $ales & $avings – March 6-8, 2020

What's up, y'all? Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. This week has been super busy + I got hit with the sickness (okay, so like a sinus infection - def not the coronavirus) which has made life a little more interesting <but not in a good way!> I've been laying in bed all… Continue reading Weekend $ales & $avings – March 6-8, 2020


12/22 -12/23/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Happy Saturday, my friends! I hope most of you have your Christmas shopping done by now! I have a few gifts left to grab, but honestly, the thought of throwing myself into the crowd of last minute shoppers makes me want to coat myself in lavender oil and down a Xanax or two. Luckily, retailers… Continue reading 12/22 -12/23/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings


Saturday style

| Romper - Charlotte Russe | Cardigan - Repurpose Boutique | Saturday's are filled with excitement! Mine consisted of a bridal fitting for an upcoming photo shoot, driving, and taking Cy to the carnival! The weather was nice and warm, but a little windy. This romper/cardi combo made for a perfect outfit!