Falling .

Down, down, down-- Into a black abyss. TRIGGER WARNING - This post contains information about the current status of my mental health, which includes depression, episodes of darkness, etc. Discretion is advised if any of these topics act as triggers toward your own mental health. Thank you. You know your depression is getting worse when …

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D.I.Y Fabric Softener

D.I.Y Fabric Softener! Okay, so you might be thinking, "Why wouldn't you just go to Walmart and purchase fabric softener?" Here's my answer---I didn't want to! Instead, I would rather use what I have at home, which allows me to customize a bit and saves me money in the long run! Now, I should have …

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Hello, friends! Welcome to my blog. If you've been following me for long, you may have subscribed to my previous blog, MamaRunsOnFaith. As life happens, things change, as do people. It just so happens that I've done some changing myself! (Yes, more than just my hair!) I've come to a place of discovery, a journey, …

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