Cute Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

Hi, friends! Can you believe we're already in FEBRUARY? I feel like January was 75 days long, honestly, but it's crazy to me that Valentine's Day is literally next week! I don't have big plans, probably just dinner with my little and my sweetheart ❤ which is perfectly fine with me. Last year, we had… Continue reading Cute Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

12/22 -12/23/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Happy Saturday, my friends! I hope most of you have your Christmas shopping done by now! I have a few gifts left to grab, but honestly, the thought of throwing myself into the crowd of last minute shoppers makes me want to coat myself in lavender oil and down a Xanax or two. Luckily, retailers… Continue reading 12/22 -12/23/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings

12/7 – 12/9 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Happy WEEKEND, friends! Are you glad this week has finally come to an end? I know I am. It has been crazy stressful. I don't have any exciting weekend plans (that I remember anyway....) except maybe doing a little shopping 😉 Here are a few sales I'll be hitting up this weekend - Abercrombie &… Continue reading 12/7 – 12/9 | Weekend $ales & $avings

11/30 – 12/2 // Weekend $ales & $avings

HAPPY SATURDAY, beautiful friends! The sun is shining, the coffee is hot, and I got paid yesterday, so you know I'm ready to shop!! [let's be honest, I'm still ready to shop on days that I don't get paid]It's the end of Cyber Week, and I found some incredible steals & deals for you to… Continue reading 11/30 – 12/2 // Weekend $ales & $avings

11/17 – 11/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Happy WEEKEND, my friends! Have I told you that Saturday is probably my FAVORITE day of the week? Sleeping in (unless you have children, LOL) and cleaning and shopping and being semi-schedule free - it's like an adult world paradise, hah. Since shopping is one of my favorite weekend activities, I wanted to share some… Continue reading 11/17 – 11/18 | Weekend $ales & $avings

11/2 – 11/4 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Hello, lovelies! I hope your week was fantastic! I, personally, am so super glad it's the weekend. I've been exhausted lately, and frankly, you can tell when looking at my home. I'll be spending most of my time organizing and cleaning things up, but I'm sure I'll do a little online shopping 😉  Here are… Continue reading 11/2 – 11/4 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Weekend $ales & $avings!

Happy Saturday, Friends! I have been falling in love with all things fall - from clothing to home to stuff for my little guy 🙂 I wanted to share some weekend savings being offered by a few of the stores I've been loving lately! … apparel & accessories … Banana Republic - Extra 50% off SALE styles… Continue reading Weekend $ales & $avings!