Falling for Fall

Ahhhh – fall! This is literally my favorite time of year! (Yes, I am aware that fall doesn’t officially begin for another couple of weeks – DO NOT KILL MY VIBE) The last few days have been cloudy skies and 65-70 degrees, and you can bet your thigh-high boots that I’ve worn cardigans and fall colors <and black> every single day. I don’t know what it is about this season that gets me right in my feelings, but something always does! The crisp air and the smelly-good candles and the coziness – mmmm, I cannot get enough!

I think one of my favorite things about this season is CHANGE. If you’ve been following me for very long at all, you probably know that I am a sucker for change, in a good way. I’m always changing my hair color or my cover photo on Facebook, or something. It still takes me a minute to adapt to huge life changes, but the I absolutely thrive with smaller changes. In the fall, the temperature drops and the leaves on the trees change their colors from bright green to beautiful copper-oranges and deep reds. I make a point to change my bed sheets to flannels as soon as I get the chance, because who doesn’t love cozy flannel sheets? And the clothes, oh god… The selection of apparel that becomes available in the fall seriously GIVES ME LIFE. I am a fashion-whore – if you don’t believe me, peep the number of #OOTD posts on my Instagram. Boots and plaids and layers are everything.

Another relevant change that occurs during the fall is my perspective – I seem to have a change in mindset every year during this time. I go from looking forward to the adventures of the coming year to reflecting on good memories and lessons learned during the course of the year that has passed. Often times, I feel like I’m hardly staying above water, but when I really take the opportunity to look back at the things I’ve accomplished during the year, I usually can’t help feeling a little proud – not in the way of “pride,” but more so in the way of gratefulness for the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve taken from them.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people this year and make a few genuinely incredible friendships. In the same hand, I’ve burned a few bridges and used the fire as a light to further my journey. I’ve been on some great adventures, from Eureka Springs with a girl I hardly knew (who just so happened to end up as one of my soul sisters) to Florida with my family – I can’t say I enjoyed every minute of it all, but I’m thankful for the precious time spent with precious people. I also made some very serious life changes, like going vegan and coming completely out of the broom closet (#wakethewitches) We’re nine months into 2018, and I have no regrets just yet.

I still don’t have it all figured out – what I want to do with my life or who I want to be – but I’m getting there. We all are. No matter how far along any of us are on our own unique journeys, we still have things to learn and room to grow. That’s the beauty of it though, ya know?

Thanks so much, y’all, for your support and love and for following me along this crazy, beautiful journey. I love you all.



Sunday Evening Tarot

Hello friends, and Happy Sunday evening to you! Today has been so rainy and dreary…the perfect day to STAY IN BED, and that’s what I did for the majority of my day. I did get out to pick up my sister-wife (inside joke) from work. We stopped by a local organic – Asian food market on the way home, and I picked up a few things including some delicious coconut juice. I learned about this creation from said sister-wife, and I was like huh? Coconut juice? So like…..coconut water? No? Okay, so like…..coconut milk? Yeah, not that either. It’s literally roasted coconut juice, water, pulp, and sugar, and it is the freaking most incredible creation that’s met my taste buds since coffee. Basically I’m an addict now, so if you haven’t tried it, I’ll link it below.

Anyway, so I’ve been wanting to post a “blog” for quite awhile now, but I’ve been sort of lost, I guess? I’ve been active on social media, and I’ve posted a few things about fashion and food on the website, but nothing super heart-felt.  I’ve been disconnected for quite some time, like spiritually. I haven’t been active in my craft. I haven’t celebrated the last two lunar cycles, and I basically completely overlooked Lammas, even though fall is my FAVORITE season. I’ve done a little decorating for fall & Halloween, but that’s about it. I guess my plate has been a little full lately <My sister-wife and her sweet son moved in with us recently, so there’s been double the child-noise, on-the-go, cooking, cleaning, etc.> but I realize the importance of taking time for self and for Spirit. That’s why I’ll be unwinding with a bath after this post 🙂

Over the past few days, I’ve felt like my soul has been reaching out and trying to get my attention – like I needed to do something or know something or feel something that I had just been ignoring. Finally today, while relaxing in bed and spending some “me-time,” I decided that I would do a few breathing exercises and pull tarot tonight, in hopes of receiving a little guidance and grounding. After dinner, Cyan bathed and decompressed with his favorite show, and I did some breathing and pulled three cards from my Rider-Waite deck – in this order: Page of Pentacles, Eight of Wands, Five of Cups.

While focusing on my breathing, I put some thought into my current place in life and where I see myself (or would like to see myself) in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love my residents and <most of> my coworkers, I love being able to help people, I love having the opportunity to love on those who may be feeling lonely–I love being a part of something so much bigger and so much more important than me. My passion expands far beyond the walls of my facility, though, and I know that I will either continue filling my current plate, or I will get a new plate in time. I’ve recently been more consistent in modeling, which I love, and it would make me SO HAPPY to do more of that. I’ve also been in contact with a few brands about products to review, so that’s exciting, too! Really though, I just want my blog to take off and eventually I can use any extra income to fund my dreams of opening an animal sanctuary and rescue. I literally see animals in need of help and love and a home every single day, and my heart is soooo big enough, but my home is not. That breaks me – I want to love the animals and clean the planet and save the world, and I wish I could do everything at once. I’m reminded, though, that I’m only human and that good things take time.

Back to my card pull –

So I’m using Danielle Noel’s book, The Book of Tarot – A Guide For Modern Mystics, as a guidebook for this reading. After I pulled my three cards, I flipped to the pages that coordinated with the cards I pulled, and I have to say that I was relatively pleased with what my cards had to say.

1 – Page of Pentacles : Danielle’s book refers to this card as the Page of Crystals, which I thought was pretty cool and interesting. The message says, “Your ideas and plans are headed in the right direction, so it’s important to maintain a focus on your goals and aspirations. Now is the time to make concrete plans and to take action. The transition phase between dreams and reality. Expansion. Good news.”

Reading this, after all the thought I’ve been putting into about my future, was honestly so relieving. Obviously I’m still going to keep obsessing, but it’s nice to know that I’m on the right track. I know that making these dreams come true will not happen without work – that means <lucky for y’all!> being way more consistent with my blog posts! 😉

2 – Eight of Wands : Danielle’s message in relation to this card said, “The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action, transition, and positive news. Here is a creative force that requires your personal resolve and attention, perhaps with regard to new opportunities that are coming your way. This is the kind of energy that lights a fire beneath you, forcing you to get up and make things happen!”

Talk about additional reassurance + a swift kick to the pants! This message brought to me a more positive outlook beyond the overwhelming thoughts and emotions I’ve been experiencing lately, and it reminded me to FOCUS on the things that are truly important and will lead to success in my future ventures.

3. Five of Cups : Noel’s book had this to say about this card – “The Five of Cups reflects the deep energies of change that emerge through instability or loss and may indicate a time of grief or stress as you struggle to see a way forward. Perhaps you are unable to identify the potential opportunities or support systems that surround you at this time, which in turn may trigger negativity as you lose sight of the positive blessings in your life. This may also have to do with unresolved issues from your past that may be affecting your emotional and spiritual health. Know that a positive resolution is highly possible, but it will depend on you focus your energy and thoughts.”

Like, HELLO?! This was my literal feeling when I sat down to pull cards in the first place – emotionally unstable, overwhelmed, etc. The Five of Cups just assured me that my feelings are valid and reassured that the path I’m walking is not the end of the road, if I focus my sights on doing what’s right and good for others, for myself, and for future me. I feel like that can be true for all of us though – we are all going through something. For some of you, it may be starting back to school, or sending kiddo to school for the first time. You may be struggling with depression or unhappiness in a current relationship. Whatever the bridge you’re crossing, remember to keep your focus and your faith, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you guys so much for taking time to read my post! I’ve linked this delicious coconut juice right here –> FOCO Roasted Coconut Juice I hope you have a chance to try it, and if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Love & light!


Animal Testing – it will never be worth it to me.

Good day, y’all, and Happy Thursday! (Obv it’s Sunday, but I started this post on Thursday and just never finished it, so….it counts.) This post has been on my heart all week– honestly, even longer than that. Many of you know that I recently became vegan, not for my own motives, but because of the love I have for animals. I couldn’t be passionate about beautiful creatures, then justify consuming or using products made of them any longer. Lately, I’ve had a focus on cruelty-free & vegan skin care and cosmetic products. I recently purchased a few products that fit the description (find out more about them here!) and also had my eyes opened to many companies that I thought were cruelty free, but really are not. I feel almost obligated to share this information, as it has potential to make you think twice about the companies you’re supporting and the cruelty that goes on behind closed doors.

Here is a short list of companies that surprised me – they may be cruelty-free on American soil, but these companies PAY for testing on animals, just so they can sell their products in the China market. Money over morals? The following are brands that I refuse to support any longer –

Estee Lauder
Mary Kay
Bobbi Brown
La Mer
Victoria’s Secret
Make Up Forever
Elizabeth Arden
Almay / Revlon
Dr. Brandt
Dr. Jart
Dolce and Gabbana

Y’all, this doesn’t even make a dent in the list.. I am ashamed and disgusted that I have worn a cloak over my eyes for so long, buying “popular” products that could make my skin look beautiful and what have you. How can something be so great for me but cause harm to the creatures I love? The answer – IT CANNOT. If it harms the animals, it is not for me. Knowledge is power, right? Empower yourself by looking over the full list of companies that are pro-animal testing here. 

I never intended to become one of those veggie-thumping, preachy vegans, but I truly believe that if people were more aware of the processes and the harm that is caused to make products that we use every single day without a second thought, maybe they would be more accountable for their actions – their waste – their footprints – our future. The choice is yours ❤

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Life Update – June 24, 2018

Helloooo, friends ❤ I hope you all have had a fantastic, relaxing, and maybe productive weekend. I just finished some grocery shopping and made some homemade vegan salad dressing (recipe linked here!) I have to say, I’m not ready for Monday yet. I could use another couple of days to recoup. A few weekends ago, I found myself feeling sort of sickly on a Sunday, which lead into almost-death (okay, I’m exaggerating) come Monday. I don’t get sick often, y’all, but when I do, I get sick. I still don’t think I’ve fully recovered – I’ve continued to battle draining sinuses, late night coughing, and the occasional fever. I’m not sure if I just can’t kick a cold, or if it’s a side effect of my latest lifestyle change….

As y’all may know, I was a pescatarian for about four months. For those unfamiliar with pescatarianism, it means that my diet was meat-free with the exception of fish and shellfish. It was something that my moral compass lead me to do, because I can’t look into the eyes of a cow or a pig, and then feel right consuming one later. It made my heart hurt, so I made a lifestyle change. Recently, I started feeling like pescatarianism wasn’t exactly where I needed to be either. I justified it for awhile by convincing myself that fish weren’t aware of being sliced and diced, but were instead just happily confused and painlessly killed. Then I read an article that told me otherwise – that fish could feel pain. That made  me feel pain in my heart, knowing that I was making excuses to allow myself comfort. I decided enough was enough. I recognized my “why.” I felt it deep in my bones. Then, I decided on veganism.

Can I tell you that I’ve been eating strictly vegan for a week and I feel terrible? Only physically though – morally, mentally, I feel fantastic. I have no more guilt, but an abundance of love for all creatures. My body feels a little weak though, and I still feel like I’m battling a cold. From the research I’ve done, I’ve learned that these symptoms are pretty normal when cutting out dairy products after you’ve been used to them for so long. It will pass though, and I will be so glad when it does! I don’t feel tired at all, which is awesome. I just have some achy muscles, a stuffy nose, and a sore throat. I will gladly deal with these side effects that are only uncomfortable than contribute to inhumane treatment and slaughter of innocent animals. I’m a little passionate, if you can’t tell..

I just finished my first fully vegan shopping trip, and it was more exciting than I expected. LOL. I did most of my shopping at Aldi, and made it out with a cart full for $70! That included a few non-vegan items for John & Cy, too! I also picked up some vegan cheese at Natural Grocers, as well as some seaweed snacks at the request of Cyan. Apparently he’s had seaweed before and loves it! I almost didn’t believe him, as he doesn’t like mac n cheese every other day, along with many other things. We opened a package in the car though, and he was so happy with it. Kids are super weird, ya know? But I tried some, and surprisingly, it was delicious. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Besides a new diet/lifestyle, there’s not a whole lot that’s different in my neck of the woods. I still make wayyyy too many trips to TJ Maxx – no surprise there. OH – here’s something! I currently in the middle of my first foster placement! Last Sunday, I picked up a little Corgi-Australian Shepard mix, who I named Roscoe Dash! He and a few others had been dumped  near someone’s house, so when a friend of mine reached out looking for placement, I said yes. He is absolutely adorable. He gets along so well with the three other puppers AND the cat. I would love to keep him, but that’s just not an option. He will be going to a new home later this week, and while I will miss him soooo much, I am grateful for the time I got to spend with him. And his cuddles. And the white hair that is alllllll over my house, LOL. Must love dogs, right?

Anyway, I have tofu to prepare, so that’s all for now! 🙂 Do you have any tips or great recipes that are vegan? I love trying new things, obviously. Also – vegan skincare products! What are your favorites? If you’re interested in learning more about veganism, shoot me a DM on my Instagram – @calynb_xo and I will share the knowledge I’ve gained! Sending y’all light & love!


Simplicity and Magical Things.

Hello, sweet friends & followers ❤ I hope you’re having a great weekend! My heart was filled to the brim yesterday, & I wanted to share a post to let you in on a little magic that I experienced in the mundane of this life. Read along for more!

Saturdays are basically my favorite day of the week! I love the freedom of being schedule-free and having time to spend with my family & fur-babes. Every Saturday usually holds a little bit of magic for me, whether it be the magic of life or the magick I conjure up (; Anyway, yesterday started out pretty normal. Cyan woke up before 7AM, & I did my best to convince him that it was not the time for board games… #MOMLIFE He settled on watching Inspector Gadget and let me get another hour or so of sleep, thank goodness. After some waffles and a shower, I was ready to tackle the day.

We headed out on our typical Saturday journey around town. First, we made our way to Webb City to check out some steals & deals at a local boutique’s warehouse sale. I had been saving posts all week in my excitement–I love a good sale, and this place has CUTE stuff! My excitement ended when we arrived only to see that they closed the doors more than a few hours before what was advertised ): No sales for this mama.

By that point I was sad & hungry, so we drove across town to one of my favorite food spots–Qdoba! Mexican food is my weakness, and I love getting meatless bowls with queso & guac at Qdoba. My tummy was filled and my frown turned upside down (: Cyan loves Qdoba, too. He loves to order plain chicken tacos and applesauce, & he is quite impressed with all of their custom drink options. During the entirety of his meal, my sweet boy had eyes all over a couple little girls across the restaurant. He hardly talked, which is very unlike him, because he was too focused on the girls! It was honestly the cutest thing ever. After he finished his meal, John said something to the effect of, “Yeah, I see you checking out those girls. Why don’t you go say hi to them?” He was joking, of course, but to our surprise, Cyan replied, “Yeah, I guess I will,” AND HEADED OVER TO THE LITTLE GIRLS ACROSS THE RESTAURANT! John and I kept looking back and forth at each other, nervous and surprised at the little man my sweet boy was becoming. Cyan walked slowly at first. When he made his way to the girls, he said “hi” three times before they ended up hearing him. He climbed up into the seat next to them, and they invited him to color pictures! It was the cutest thing ever, watching them smile and talk, but what was even more special was watching my little boy put away his anxiety and go after something that he wanted, even though he was unsure of what would be the outcome.

After we left and headed back home, I grabbed my tools and went off to style a special girl’s hair and makeup for prom! I am licensed in cosmetology, but as y’all may know, my career is in healthcare. While I love what I do, I miss getting to help others feel beautiful, so I usually jump at any chance I get to do my cosmo-thing. This client of mine is not only a total sweetheart, but she is absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, it didn’t take much effort from me to have her looking like a total knockout. She and her mother were both so pleased that they asked me to do her makeup for her upcoming senior pictures, too! (: Talk about exciting!

After I returned home, I loaded up the boys and we made our way to the mall, as John was in need of pants for work. First, we stopped to get smoothies because YUM. Our next stop was TJ Maxx (obsessed!) John found one pair of pants there, and I found the comfiest sweat pants I’ve ever felt in my life! Score! Finally, we went to Old Navy. John found not one, but two pairs of cargo pants (I freaking love cargo pants) and I found a super duper comfy sweatshirt! (: (: Now, I do realize that we are approaching summer, meaning that sweats aren’t necessarily clothing of choice for some, but I am always down for comfies, ya feel me? (You can bet your boots I put my new sweats on at the end of the night and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!)

We were all tired and our shopping journey was over, so we headed back home. We were only blocks away when I saw flashes of color up in the sky–FIREWORKS!! To the boys’ surprise, I drove right past the house and continued toward the sparkling colors! After only a few minutes, we approached the location where the fireworks were being launched. As it turns out, it was a stadium where some kind of fireworks demo was being held, so we sat in the car for about half an hour and watched the beautiful fireworks explode into the sky. Now, I’m not a super-fan of fireworks during July, only because there are usually SO MANY PEOPLE at the firework shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but I’m sort of an extroverted introvert, LOL. I think that has everything to do with my empathic personality and the anxiety I feel when I’m surrounded by the emotions of so many people. Seeing the fireworks last night, just me & my little fam, was so special to me because I was able to feel my own feelings–happiness, joy, excitement, and love for the day’s experiences and the people around me.

I know not every day can be like yesterday, but I am thankful for the days that happiness flows like a natural spring. Life is so beautiful when we allow it to be, and there is magic around every little corner–we just have to look (;


Friday feelings-

Hellooo, and Happy Friday, my friends! This is not just any Friday–today is Friday the 13th! OOOOH, SPOOKY! Okay, so not really. I’m not superstitious in the sense that this day is full of bad omens and unlucky things. I have been especially conscious to keep my favorite little black feline, Cordelia Moon, inside today though. I mean technically she’s inside everyday, but she’s really cute and curious and likes to sit by the front door, waiting for her chance to explore the outer-world when the door is opened. Not today, sista! Being a little witchy, I like to consider Friday the 13th somewhat of a holiday due to the extra awareness of oddities and potential for magick! While everyone else is focused on not walking under ladders (do people actually do that?) and steering clear of danger, I like to mentally plan out all the hoodrat things I can do with my friends……then I come home, change into my comfies before 6PM, and scroll through social media while sipping on mushroom tea.

Wait, what? YES, I AM SERIOUS. Mushroom tea is a thing, and it’s totally delicious and totally healthy! The hyped fungus-brew has many benefits such as hormone regulation, breaking down cortisol, and lowering stress, as well as being a high source of antioxidants. I first heard about mushroom tea on my favorite podcast, HiPPiE WiTCH, hosted by Joanna Devoe. Not only is this witchy woman so down to earth, but she has so many great obsessions (mushroom tea being one!) and loves to share them with her listeners so they can get in on alllll da goodness, ya feel me? So, I heard about the benefits of mushroom tea on this podcast and I thought, “Mm…maybe.” Wouldn’t you know that a few days later in TJ Maxx (fave!) I would find some mushroom tea! I bought it, brewed it, and officially decided that it was better than “okay.” Most mushroom blends contain a mixture of stevia, licorice root, and mint, meaning that it’s semi-sweet and super yummy. Definitely something to try if you’re up for something healthy and out of the ordinary!

Speaking of healthy, I was doing a little research today, and I ended up making a very difficult decision….Beginning tomorrow, April 14th, I have decided to take a two-week long fast from my most loved carb–BREAD. I know, I know. It seems like I’m slowly doing away with all kinds of food and soon I will end up eating tofu and kale alone. Thankfully though, that is not the case. In my last post, I mentioned that I had adapted to a pescatarian diet, containing no meat other than fish and seafoods. I’m still sticking to it, and it’s still not the slightest bit difficult. I do have more energy than before, along with wayyy less guilt when I drive by pastures of pretty cows, but I still feel like there’s room for change. Mid-July, my BFF Erin & I will be going on VACAYYYYYY to the beach! Hollaaaaa! I am so ready, but my bikini body is not. Being a former gym-a-holic, I know that 80% of your body is built in the kitchen, which has prompted my decision in doing away with bread. In one article I read, a doctor recommended starting off with a two week bread fast, being long enough to get past the flu-like symptoms of carb depletion and still allowing the opportunity to see how you feel without excess water weight and hopefully increased energy. What could it hurt? Extra energy and a little weight loss sounds incredible, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong–I know that once I incorporate bread back into my diet (in small amounts) I will end up retaining water weight again and potentially send my body into craving-mode, meaning additional weight gain, BUT I feel like this is worth a shot. Not only am I modifying my diet, but also consistently doing yoga and working in cardio/strength training at home. At this point, I’m still anti-gym since burning myself out while training for a bikini competition last spring, but I’m definitely motivated enough to continue working on my fitness goals at home. Look good, feel good, right?

Do y’all have any out of the ordinary health obsessions? What about favorite podcasts or apps/channels for guided yoga? Let me know in the comments!



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Thoughts & things.

Hi, helloooo! I’ve missed all of you in the blog-osphere! I’ve started to post numerous times, but gotten sidetracked or busy with other things. Needless to say, I have many, many unfinished draft-posts that may serve their purpose on a rainy day or something. First, I want to share some random thoughts–

  • Why have I never liked La Croix sparkling water?! I have really never been a fan, but I decided to try a cranberry flavor and I FREAKING LOVE IT. Go La Croix!
  • The Bananas & Cream candle from Francesca’s is the bees knees. I don’t usually go for food scented candles (unless it’s marshmallow–all marshmallow everything) but this candle is sweet and so comforting. If you don’t have one, you’re missing out.
  • Indie Folk music is everything right now. I flip flop around between hip-hop/rap to R&B to 90’s country to alternative, but lately, the Indie Folk Revival Pandora station has been my go-to. Lot’s of goodies like The Lumineers, Birdy, Vance Joy, Milky Chance, etc. If you’re about that kind of thing, definitely check it out.

Yeah, so that’s what’s on the top of my head at the moment. Oh, and I AM SO OVER THIS COLD WEATHER. Go home, Mother Nature. You’re drunk.

I feel like there has been so much going on lately. From the regular, every day stuff to the things that make your head spin–I’m exhausted even thinking about it all. We recently bought a few new pieces for our living area. Isn’t it funny how we call it a “living area” or “living room?” Like, we live in each room of our house, unless we’re dead…..but whatever. We went to HomeGoods & purchased a new entertainment case to sit below the television and a boho-patterned bench/ottoman to go in front of the couch. Literally the cutest thing I have ever seen. Then a few days ago, I got a cozy black-velvet chair (which just so happens to be where I’m sitting as I write!) and I couldn’t be happier. It’s been almost a year since we purchased our house, and we are finally starting to make it feel like home. There is still so much work to do–we still haven’t even painted. The walls are just white, but I’ve been fine with it. I still pin lots of pretty paint colors on Pinterest and imagine them in different rooms of our home though!

What else… I took Cyan to the doctor last week for his four year check up. He turned four back in October, so you can see how I am with time….LOL. Anyway, I was concerned that he may have Type 1 Diabetes from as much as he drinks and uses the bathroom, along with a few other things. Thankfully though, his doctor said that he must just be a thirsty child who pees a lot, because his glucose and urine tests didn’t indicate any concern! I have never been so thankful for normalcy! After all the Google-ing & worrying, a major weight was lifted from my shoulders when she confirmed that Cyan was just fine. I send love and strength to all the mamas who have kiddos with T1D though! I was imagining the worst and hoping for the best and trying to become as educated as possible about the disease so I would feel somewhat in control if the news came out differently. I have to tell you–that was so hard for me, thinking that my sweet child could potentially have a life-altering condition that would create struggles for him in his future, and knowing that as his mama, there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix it. I felt helpless, but now I have so much respect for the parents who deal with T1D day in & day out. What an incredible battle to fight.

I’ve also been adapting to a bit of a lifestyle change lately. I chose to adopt the Pescatarian diet a little over a month ago, and I have to say, it’s been so much easier than I anticipated. Pescatarianism is a meatless diet; however, seafood like shrimp and fish are allowed. Have you ever seen those billboards that had pictures of cows, horses, sheep, dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, etc. & said, “Where do you draw the line?” I felt a sting of guilt every time I passed one of those billboards, knowing that I loved chickens and cows just as much as dogs or anything else, but I was still consuming them. Finally, I decided that it was time for a change, but unsure what route would be best for me until I read about being a pescatarian. Since changing my diet, I not only feel better in my heart, but my body has felt better, too! I still get the protein I need from fish and legumes, and my vegetable consumption has increased, too, since I’ve been eating veggie burgers instead of hamburgers. Would you believe me if I told you that veggie burgers are actually pretty freaking delicious?? A slice of tomato and a little spicy mustard…talk about satisfying! I was sure that I would be missing my love affair with bacon by now, but I don’t think I’ve actually thought about it until now! 😉 Let me know if y’all would like to see any of my pescatarian recipes, I’ll post them on my Foodie page!

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Thanks so much for following me & taking time to check out little snippets of my life! I’m off to face mask & snuggle w my boy!