Simple Vegan Beauty

Hi, friends! If you've been following me on social media (IG - @calynb_xo) then you probably already know that recently I adopted a vegan diet! That's right, I gave up eggs and dairy products, along with the fish/shellfish that I had been consuming over the last few months as a pescatarian. Can I tell you …

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Summer Skincare MUST HAVES!

We made it past Memorial Weekend, y'all--SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY UPON US! That means long, sunny days and hot summer nights! Woohoo! As we bask in the sun, we can't forget to make our skin a priority! Protection from sun damage, staying moisturized, and exfoliation are all super important when it comes to skin care. I …

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Review 4 U – Fenty, GlamGlow, & Winky Lux

Holla-holla & welcome to my blog ❤ If you know me, you probably know that I am a makeup FIEND! I am licensed in cosmetology, specializing in esthetics and makeup. In my free time, I also offer professional makeup services for special events, photoshoots, etc. If you're interested, please visit my Contact page 😉 Anyway, …

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