Life Update – June 24, 2018

Helloooo, friends ❤ I hope you all have had a fantastic, relaxing, and maybe productive weekend. I just finished some grocery shopping and made some homemade vegan salad dressing (recipe linked here!) I have to say, I'm not ready for Monday yet. I could use another couple of days to recoup. A few weekends ago,… Continue reading Life Update – June 24, 2018


Summer Skincare MUST HAVES!

We made it past Memorial Weekend, y'all--SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY UPON US! That means long, sunny days and hot summer nights! Woohoo! As we bask in the sun, we can't forget to make our skin a priority! Protection from sun damage, staying moisturized, and exfoliation are all super important when it comes to skin care. I… Continue reading Summer Skincare MUST HAVES!


Saturday style

| Romper - Charlotte Russe | Cardigan - Repurpose Boutique | Saturday's are filled with excitement! Mine consisted of a bridal fitting for an upcoming photo shoot, driving, and taking Cy to the carnival! The weather was nice and warm, but a little windy. This romper/cardi combo made for a perfect outfit!


Friday feelings-

Hellooo, and Happy Friday, my friends! This is not just any Friday--today is Friday the 13th! OOOOH, SPOOKY! Okay, so not really. I'm not superstitious in the sense that this day is full of bad omens and unlucky things. I have been especially conscious to keep my favorite little black feline, Cordelia Moon, inside today though. I mean… Continue reading Friday feelings-