Gift Ideas for the Modern Witch

According to social media and many articles I've read this year, the population of females and young adults that identify as witches is ON THE RISE! I have mixed feelings, as I don't like to think of the craft as "a fad" or something that becomes popular for a moment and then fades with time.… Continue reading Gift Ideas for the Modern Witch


12/7 – 12/9 | Weekend $ales & $avings

Happy WEEKEND, friends! Are you glad this week has finally come to an end? I know I am. It has been crazy stressful. I don't have any exciting weekend plans (that I remember anyway....) except maybe doing a little shopping 😉 Here are a few sales I'll be hitting up this weekend - Abercrombie &… Continue reading 12/7 – 12/9 | Weekend $ales & $avings

OMG – Oh, MUNG Goodness

I have had so many of y'all email & DM me about being interested in veganism and vegan recipes, but not knowing where to start! I wanted to mention a vegan superfood that often gets overlooked, at least in my community - MUNG BEANS! Mung beans are a legume, so they're also in the same… Continue reading OMG – Oh, MUNG Goodness

11/30 – 12/2 // Weekend $ales & $avings

HAPPY SATURDAY, beautiful friends! The sun is shining, the coffee is hot, and I got paid yesterday, so you know I'm ready to shop!! [let's be honest, I'm still ready to shop on days that I don't get paid]It's the end of Cyber Week, and I found some incredible steals & deals for you to… Continue reading 11/30 – 12/2 // Weekend $ales & $avings

Vegan on Aisle 12, please!

Hello, my friends, and HAPPY MONDAY! I wanted to share with y'all something that I've been thinking about for quite awhile - being vegan on a budget. One of the main arguments I ALWAYS seem to hear when people ask me about being vegan is this – “I can’t afford to be vegan. A vegan… Continue reading Vegan on Aisle 12, please!

Christmas Wish List 2018

Hello, my friends! ❤ I hope that you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that your hearts and wine glasses were filled to the brim! Within the last 24 hours, I have worked, eaten, cleaned, shopped, and been asked about 10 times what the heck I wanted for Christmas this year! LOL. Black Friday is… Continue reading Christmas Wish List 2018