Animal Testing – it will never be worth it to me.

Good day, y'all, and Happy Thursday! (Obv it's Sunday, but I started this post on Thursday and just never finished it, counts.) This post has been on my heart all week-- honestly, even longer than that. Many of you know that I recently became vegan, not for my own motives, but because of the… Continue reading Animal Testing – it will never be worth it to me.


Avocado Pudding

Okay, so avocado and pudding are not two words I would have put together until recently. This vegan adventure has been exactly that - an adventure! I love trying new things, so I'm having lots of fun with new vegan recipes and creations in the kitchen! This one is so simple, having only THREE ingredients,… Continue reading Avocado Pudding


Saturday style

| Romper - Charlotte Russe | Cardigan - Repurpose Boutique | Saturday's are filled with excitement! Mine consisted of a bridal fitting for an upcoming photo shoot, driving, and taking Cy to the carnival! The weather was nice and warm, but a little windy. This romper/cardi combo made for a perfect outfit!