That’s A Negative, Ghostrider.

Oooh-wee. This last week has been a wild one. My sweet Cyan began to run a fever about a week & a half ago, with temperatures climbing up to 103.8 degrees – freaked this mama out, I’ll tell ya. Anyway, I made him a doctor’s appt which ended up being cancelled by the office and we were referred to get my boy tested for COVID19. I spent the last week off of work (sort of, I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to do part of my job from home) and my six year old little trooper was xrayed, swabbed for strep/flu/COVID, and had blood drawn all while battling hellacious temperatures and a nasty cough. I felt terrible for my sweet kiddo, and just to kick me in the pants one more time, my Luca ended up running a fever, too! (Thankfully, his is teething related – my nipples have calcuated two sharp little teeth coming in strong at the bottom) How hard is it as mamas when are babies aren’t well? I am so grateful that Cyan was only ill for a couple of weeks – my heart goes out hard to the mamas who have little ones battling cancers or lifelong ailments. That is a measure of strength I never wish to bear.

Anyway, so being home with the boys has given me quite a bit of time to reflect on life as I’ve known it for quite some time. I bought a couple of books (neither of which I’ve had the chance to read LOL) and have done a lot of snuggling and equally as much laundry. Exciting news – we got a new washer and dryer delivered a couple of weeks ago. I linked it here. It was on a great Memorial Day sale, so instead of the original $999 for each piece, we paid *i think* about $1300 for the set. They’re touch screen, so they make me feel really high-tech and fancy, lol. Now I just need to get hubby on the bandwagon for a new dishwasher & refrigerator, because our fridge has zero freezer space, and I am sick of not having a water/ice dispenser in the door. Do you know how much more difficult it is to make iced coffee? LOL. #firstworldproblems

I’ve been doing a little bit of redecorating & reorganizing around the house, too, and I’ve come to the conclusion that we need some house plants. I’ve never really been much of an inside-plant person, I guess for the fear that the cats/dogs would eat them, but after doing some research about some animal friendly plant options, I think I’m ready to make it happen. Where do you buy your plants? We have gone to Lowes & Walmart for outside plants, but I don’t remember seeing much as far as inside options. Let me know. Drop me a comment or shoot me a DM on Instagram.

We’ve been transitioning Cyan’s room from a little boy room to a big boy room recently, too, and it’s going great. If you don’t know me personally, then you probably don’t know Cyan. He’s six going on sixteen, lol. You think I’m kidding, right? This child.. He is so intellegent for his age. He literally reads at a fourth grade level, does simple multiplication in his head, and practically has a photographic memory. He makes me question whether or not I’m experiencing very early onset dementia on almost a daily basis, lol. His memory is that good – unless it comes to foods that he likes/dislikes – that boy can love a meal one day, but when you tell him that is what you’re having for dinner the next week, he’ll turn his nose up and insist that he hates it. Anyway, so we’ve been doing away with the superhero-themed chaotic clutter that his room had become and purging, painting, and laying tile. It’s beginning to look like a more mature space for him with a boyish-boho theme. Don’t worry, the superheroes are still ever present, but they have a special place in the toybox instead of all over the room. I’ll be sure to share photos when we get the final touches figured out – I still have a nightstand to order and a door to replace.

Oh, and I figured that I would give you a little insight on the title of this post – That’s A Negative, Ghostrider – we got Cyan’s COVID19 test results back today and it was NEGATIVE! So grateful. His symptoms (fever, cough) had pretty well gone away a couple of days ago, but the negative result means that we can go back to life as we were – trampoline jumping and out to dinner every so often for the necessary treat of chips & queso.

Sending love, health, & wealth to each of you, my friends ❤


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