Christmas Wishlist – For the COZY Girl

Hi, friends! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out the second installment of my Holiday Wishlist / Gift Guide series! 😍 This gift guide is specifically for the girls who live for all the cozy things! I’m talking blankets, slippers, candles, etc. I am definitely one of those girls! When I go to TJ Maxx, you can usually find me sniffing all the candles or in the blanket aisle, trying to convince my husband that yes, we do NEED another blanket 😅 I hope this wishlist gives you a few ideas for the comfy-cozy loving person in your life!

Now, the first question is – can you really ever have too many cardigans? My opinion–absolutely NOT. That’s why I’ve included three of them in this gift guide 😉 I love this white printed cardigan, and leopard is so popular right now! Perfect to style or to wear at home, whichever you prefer. Another cozy cardigan that I’m swooning over is this white boho fuzzy-knitted cardigan! Super comfy and stylish, plus it’ll keep you warm and cozy during the coldest part of the year! Finally, this casual furry hoodie had my heart the first time I saw it. It’s available in many different color options (my favorite are the oatmeal and the navy) and at a perfect price point with free shipping if you qualify! Can a girl really ask for more?

Next up are the slippers – oh boy. I literally shopped online last night looking for the perfect basket to act as my “slippers basket” in the bedroom. I love wearing slippers all year round, but the fall/winter is when I acquire most of them, because I need all the cozy things! These glittery slippers are the perfect statement to add to a cute pair of comfies – I, personally, wouldn’t confine them to the house, either. (Trust me, I’m not one of those “people of Walmart,” but these are SO CUTE that I would feel almost obligated to wear them on a Target run, lol) Another favorite of mine are these leopard print moccasin slippers. Both the glitter & leopard versions are faux fur lined with rubber soles and ridiculously cute. Hashtag NEED.

I’m also a sucker for fleece pajamas – does that surprise you? Yeah, me either. These leopard print micro fleece pajamas are definitely on my Christmas list this year. I found another pair from Target that I loved, too, but my heart was crushed when the only size left was an XS – this baby belly isn’t fitting into anything that small, lol. I decided to link it anyway, but when I went back to grab the link, they were totally sold out! I’ll keep my eyes open for a restock though & drop the link at that time!

Candles and coffee mugs are another couple of my vices. Some people collect stamps (do people still do that?) but I am an avid collector of coffee mugs. My husband isn’t the biggest fan, needless to say, so I recently downsized my “collection” and donated about half of my cups to a thrift store. I always love peeking in the aisles, though, for another cup (or three) that catches my eye. This “Get Cozy” mug definitely did! I love a mug with quotes & sayings, not to mention such a cute, dappled print! It’s ceramic, so I’m not sure about dishwasher safety, but I’d be willing to wash this mug by hand if necessary.

If you’ve ever been to my house, you’ve probably walked in to the scent of a burning candle – something of caramel or marshmallow – which is so typical. I love candles! Bath & Body Works carries my very favorite candle of all time – Marshmallow Fireside. I love candles from other stores, also, especially when they’re richly scented at a great price! This spiced vanilla candle has a 45 hour burn time, great reviews, and a perfect price point. Definitely one to keep burning in your home this season!

One of my favorite things to do during the winter is shave my legs and slip into a pair of soft & fuzzy pants or leggings. These soft, plush leggings are some of my favorite! Another versatile item to wear around the house or out shopping! You can even dress them up by pairing with a cute sweater & booties.

I hope this gift guide gives you a few ideas to help with your shopping ventures this holiday season! You may even want to snag a couple of these items for yourself 😉


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