Weekend Finds & Faves

Hi, friends! I hope y’all had a glorious weekend! Mine was a little chaotic, but in the most beautiful way! We had a baby shower for Luca on Saturday (hosted by my best friend & her sweet mama – it was a literal dream!) Then Sunday, we took some clothing & home items to a local thrift shop before heading to Home Depot for shelving so John could renovate my closet just a bit! I have lots more storage now, which is exactly what I needed!

Even with all that going on, you know I had to fit in a little shopping 😅 Would I even be ME if I didn’t? Here are a few of the items I picked up this weekend! Enjoy!

I snagged this gloss & color duo by ColourPop when I was at Ulta yesterday! They had all kinds of holiday displays up, and I didn’t really need any new lip color, but when I saw the semi-blotted lip color in the shade above, I knew it was coming home with me, lol.

While I was there, I also picked up the new Rachel Zoe x Lorac Hollywood Glamour Mini Palette, which I am OBSESSED with. The shimmery, glittery colors are perfect for a pop on the eye during the holidays. Did I mention that it was only $15?! Yeah, I’m serious… considering going back and getting the lip gloss/liner/lipstick combo that goes with the collection.

I picked up this super cute gold leopard coffee tumbler as I was gathering a few last minute items for the shower, and I love it! I’m actually sipping a chai latte out of it as I type this. It’s less than $5, y’all! Perfect stocking stuffer!

I found these earrings while I was looking everywhere for a navy blue cardigan. Is it just me, or is navy not a really hot color this fall and winter? I couldn’t find a freaking navy blue cardi ANYWHERE! I did find this super cute chenille cardigan though, which will go with more than a navy likely would. Super cute & comfy, too!

Finally, as I was laying in bed & scrolling through Instagram yesterday evening, I saw THE TREE that I’ve been searching for over the last year. I literally dragged John to multiple Walmart & Target stores looking for this exact tree, and they were sold out everywhere! I checked on the Walmart app last night and they had “limited stock” of the tree in the neighboring town! I had to at least try one more time to make this tree ours, so I convinced John to start the truck and we headed out to *hopefully* bring the tree home! Guess what?! We got the last one they had in stock! It took everything I had not to put the whole thing together last night, but my tired, pregnant-mama brain didn’t need too much convincing to get back in bed 😅 This was by far the most exciting purchase of the weekend though!

I hope y’all have an amazing week and stay warm! It’s freezing in Missouri right now, and I am not here for it, lol. You can bet I’ll be doing a lot more online shopping during my time inside! Wanna stay up to date on my finds? Follow me on!


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