Holiday Gift Guide – For the Dog Lover

Hi, friends! Happy Wednesday! With the holidays quickly approaching, I wanted to kick off a blog-series of gift guides & wishlists to help with the often-daunting task of Christmas shopping. Don’t get me wrong – I love shopping and giving/receiving gifts is one of my love languages, but let’s be honest…. You can only buy the same types of gifts so many times for a person before it seems less than personal and kind of annoying. To launch this series of blogs, I wanted to start with a wishlist that could go one of two ways – for the dog lover or for the dog! ūüôā


First up is this¬†super cute & comfy tee¬†that says “Mom life is ruff” because let’s be real…. Having all the fur babes isn’t always a walk in the dog park, but always totally worth it! No one loves you as much as your dog, right? This shirt is also less than $20, making it a great steal!

Next is this string paw print decor plaque Рhow freaking cute! Any real dog lover not only has dogs in their home, but also decor about how much they love their dogs! This piece is simple, but totally precious AND under $15!

Third on the list is this shag vegan fur donut cuddler bed. Obviously this one is for the dog, but what makes a dog lover happier than seeing their pup happy and warm and cozy? Basically nothing. The dog will appreciate this thoughtful gift, as well.

Moving along, a great find that will benefit both dog lover AND dog is this Top Dog travel bag set. This set is complete with 2 bowls, a couple of containers for treats, and a carrying case with multiple compartments to fit all the toys and goodies your pup needs! This gift is perfect for the wanderlust seekers that always have their pets by their side. Did I mention that this gift is less than $50? Steal.

Next up on the list is a¬†hat¬†perfect for disguising a bad hair day or just adding a little something fun to your outfit! This “Dog Mom” hat comes in a variety of colors, not just the charcoal pictured above. Definite must-have for all the mamas of fur babies!

One of my very favorite items on this list (and something that I own personally & am OBSESSED with) are these¬†flannel sheets¬†with dogs printed on them. I know what you’re thinking – of course, Calyn, you would have dog printed flannel sheets. Well, you’re right, and I love them. They’re around $25 for a queen size, which is a STEAL for sheets period. What’s better than curling up with your pup on a cold winter night? Curling up with your pup on some flannel dog sheets.

A gift that is also fitting for the dog lover AND the dog is the¬†Furbo dog camera. Have you ever wished you could see what your pets do all day when you’re at work? Well, now you can AND you can talk to them and throw treats to them, too! This gift is on the pricier side (around $200) but can you really put a price on seeing your doggo’s sweet face? I think not.

Every dog lover relishes in the moments when their doggo is just the cutest¬†thing they’ve ever seen (which is all the time, right?) Well, just when you think they can’t get much cuter… put this¬†bow tie collar¬†on them and oop, there it is! This adorable bow & collar combo comes in a variety of sizes and colors, making it perfect to dress up male or female dogs. Just another reason for the dog lover in your life to snap a picture of their precious pooch!

Finally, when you thought the cuteness had reached it’s limit, your dog falls asleep in this adorable¬†teepee dog bed¬†– can you even handle it? Kids in tents are one thing, but puppers? I cannot. The dog lover in your life will THANK YOU for the opportunity to stare at their doggo while he/she sleeps in this cute tent bed. I will also thank you, as long as I get to see photos.

Thanks so much for checking out my first post in my 2019 Christmas Wishlist/Gift Guide series! Make sure to follow the blog, my profile (@midwestwitchymama) and Instagram to stay up to date on all of my posts!


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