My Current Obsessions

Hi, friends! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I wanted to share with you a few things that I have been loving & obsessing over lately! I’d consider these items basically a “lifestyle” selection of items, because let’s be honest – they’re all over the board from shoes to food to skincare, lol. Check out my current obsessions below & comment with something you’ve been loving lately that you think I should check out!!


Okay, so first – I know summer is almost over (trust me, I’ve been anxiously awaiting the fall!) but this fruity, fizzy drink shouts “SUMMER TIME” at the top of it’s carbonated lungs. I snagged this LaCroix Cherry Lime at Target a few weeks ago and oh my gosh, this has been my go-to flavor since then! With just a hint of cherry & lime + the carbonation, this yummy drink is like soda but with fewer calories & less sugar! I bet it would go great as a mixer, too, but this mama won’t be finding out about that anytime soon 😉

Next, and also from Target, are these ADORABLE leopard print mules! A friend tagged me on a photo of these on Instagram the other day, and you know I immediately hit “add to cart,” lol. These super cute shoes are made by the brand Universal Thread & under $25! Perfect to add a little flair to almost any outfit!

My latest snack obsession has become these chocolate rice cakes! I’m a huge rice cake fan anyway – usually the caramel or apple cinnamon are my go-to, but oh my goodness.. I don’t know if it’s the baby and a chocolate craving or if I’ve just been missing out for like….my whole life??? CHOCOLATE RICE CAKES ARE THE BEST, and still better for you than just eating a bar of chocolate!

Home-wise (or should I say bed-wise, because that’s my favorite place to be these days!) I have fallen in love – aesthetically – with this velvet body pillow! I have to be honest though… I use my body pillows as a comfort to help me lay on my left side during this pregnancy. This specific body pillow sucks for that, because in my opinion, there is nowhere near enough stuffing inside of it. It does, however, make a super cute addition to the throw pillows on the bed, which is it’s main purpose. LOL

Another product I’m living for during this pregnancy is the Green Goo Belly Balm! It’s made from a combination of olive, jojoba, & rosehip oils mixed with cocoa & shea butter to naturally moisturize & hydrate the ever-expanding skin of pregnancy! I try to remember to rub this belly balm onto my quickly-growing bump every night before bed!

My latest (and comfiest) addition to the closet is this pair of distressed sweat pants! Under $20 and SO CUTE, these distressed sweats are a definite must-have for anyone who loves comfy + stylish pieces! You can wear them with a cute pair of sandals & a tank, or switch the vibe up completely with a pair of Adidas & an oversized tee + baseball cap.

I haven’t really been much of a makeup or skincare fiend for the last couple of months – I’ve actually been pretty satisfied with a lot of the products I’ve had for awhile (my bank account has been happy about that, too! LOL) One makeup item I have been loving, though, is the Marc Jacobs New Nudes lip color in Moody Margot! It’s a super pretty pink-nude that goes with basically any look, day or night. I would definitely say it’s been my go-to lip color lately!

A perfume I’ve fallen in love with yet again is Gabrielle CHANEL eau de parfum! It’s light and a little floral with a classy musk – a definite Chanel scent. Perfect to spritz before walking out the door to work or to liven up an  for an evening out. It smells so good!

Another scent I have been OBSESSED WITH is the Marshmallow Fireside candle from Bath & Body Works! This has been a fall staple in my household for the past 5 years now! My best friend’s sweet mama introduced me to this scent, and I have never looked back. I personally love to burn Marshmallow Fireside during any season, not just fall, but I have to ration because they’re only available from BBW in the fall! Definitely grab one (or ten) while they’re available!

Lastly,  the skincare product I have found myself reaching for consistently over the last few weeks is the Vitamin C Serum by Infinitek Paris! This lightweight serum contains a combination of Vitamins C & E, hyaluronic acid, gingko biloba, green tea, and few other ingredients that work together to even out the tone & texture of your skin while also providing moisture & increasing elasticity. I am loving the results I’ve seen when it comes to my complexion & unevenness lately (thanks, pregnancy!)

Thanks so much for checking out some of the products & items that I’ve been loving recently!

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