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Colcannon – an Irish dish the vegan way

Happy Christmas Eve, my friends!

One of my favorite things about the holidays is the food! Granted, I often end up making my own vegan guilty pleasures, as much of the food made by my family is less than vegan-friendly, lol. I’ve learned to love cooking, though, and the creativity it allows me to have while making delicious foods for my family.

Since learning more about my Irish heritage, I’ve been so drawn to some of the dishes that are native to Ireland, one of those being Colcannon! A variation of mashed potatoes, Colcannon is inexpensive, easy, and so delicious. Not only does my family love when I make this warm, yummy dish, but it allows me to honor my ancestors, too.

If you’re interested in my vegan version of Colcannon, check out my recipe below!

This recipe will yield 4-6 servings



5 medium sized potatoes (I personally like the gold/yellow potatoes for texture!)

6-8 tbsp of butter substitute // soybean oil

2 garlic cloves, thinly sliced

2 tbsp of olive oil

6 scallions / green onions, thinly sliced

2 cups of shredded cabbage

1-2 cups of non-dairy milk (I love unsweetened almond or oat milk)

Salt, pepper to taste



1.     Chop / dice potatoes, then salt and set to boil in a small pot. (I don’t like to peel my potatoes, I feel that the skin provides additional flavor and texture when cooked and mashed! If you want to peel your potatoes, feel free!) When boiling, reduce heat for 5 – 10 minutes, then drain.

2.     In another pan, add 2 tbsp of olive oil, cabbage, garlic, and green onions. Sautee until garlic is lightly brown and the scallions and cabbage have wilted.

3.     With masher, coarsely mash the potatoes, then add sautéed cabbage, garlic, scallions, butter, and non-dairy milk. Stir until potatoes have soaked up the milk, then add salt, pepper to taste.

4.     You can transfer your Colcannon to a bowl or dish and top each individual serving with a scallion garnish or dollop of butter-substitute.

5.     Enjoy with friends & family!


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