Gift Ideas for the Modern Witch

According to social media and many articles I’ve read this year, the population of females and young adults that identify as witches is ON THE RISE! I have mixed feelings, as I don’t like to think of the craft as “a fad” or something that becomes popular for a moment and then fades with time. Truly learning and investing in witchcraft takes time and isn’t something to be mocked or mimicked. Regardless, there are no rules when it comes to the craft – you utilize the tools and create the rules of your own. It is yours and yours alone. As the holidays creep in quicker than ever, I wanted to give you a few gift ideas for the modern-day witches in your life!


Moon Blood Ritual Bath Salts // Kendra Scott Zodiac Charm Necklace // Moon Tea Cup
Witchcraft & Wizardry Eyeshadow Palette by Storybook Cosmetics // Witchy Tapestry
Moon Phase Potions // Spellbound Woods Handcrafted Soap // Spirit Board Acid Wash Tee // Marie Laveau’s New Orleans Voodoo Candle // Witch by Lisa Lister // Starchild Tarot Deck // Urban Outfitters Crescent Moon Salt Lamp

I would clearly be stoked to receive any of these items as a gift! I actually have a few already – the Spirit Board shirt from Earthbound, the Starchild Tarot deck (which I love) and Witch by Lisa Lister. Witch is a PERFECT book for any new or feminist witches. Lisa Lister definitely gives some great insight and inspiring perspectives.

Right now, I’m also super excited about the Spellbound Woods Handcrafted Soap, as it is created by someone that I know and love. You may have seen me mention before, but my friend Callee owns and operates an Etsy shop called Magicallee Made. She handcrafts the coolest products like soaps, teas, body butters, etc. Not only do I love natural products and homeopathic remedies, but I also love ANIMALS!! Get this – until December 18, 2018, Magicallee Made is donating ALL PROFITS made from her sales to a local animal rescue I volunteer with, Golden Paw Rescue & Sanctuary. Check out Callee’s Etsy shop, purchase a few super-affordable and amazing products, and know that the proceeds from your purchase are going to benefit an organization that deserves it!

I also wanted to mention HausWitch – I recently discovered this shop online and I have been freaking out ever since!! Based in Salem, MA, HausWitch has a legit selection of witchy and handmade products from independent makers around New England and the US. They first opened their doors in 2015, creating an inclusive space with a passion for self care and offering unique, witchy products that don’t break the bank. Definitely check out their website,

As always, I’m super grateful for each of you that took the time to check out my post! I hope this helps you if you’re in a gifting rut! Let me know if there are any witchy items not listed here that I should check out!


** if you are a business owner or marketer who is interested in having your products featured on my blog, please contact me at for more info! **

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