Falling for Fall

Ahhhh – fall! This is literally my favorite time of year! (Yes, I am aware that fall doesn’t officially begin for another couple of weeks – DO NOT KILL MY VIBE) The last few days have been cloudy skies and 65-70 degrees, and you can bet your thigh-high boots that I’ve worn cardigans and fall colors <and black> every single day. I don’t know what it is about this season that gets me right in my feelings, but something always does! The crisp air and the smelly-good candles and the coziness – mmmm, I cannot get enough!

I think one of my favorite things about this season is CHANGE. If you’ve been following me for very long at all, you probably know that I am a sucker for change, in a good way. I’m always changing my hair color or my cover photo on Facebook, or something. It still takes me a minute to adapt to huge life changes, but the I absolutely thrive with smaller changes. In the fall, the temperature drops and the leaves on the trees change their colors from bright green to beautiful copper-oranges and deep reds. I make a point to change my bed sheets to flannels as soon as I get the chance, because who doesn’t love cozy flannel sheets? And the clothes, oh god… The selection of apparel that becomes available in the fall seriously GIVES ME LIFE. I am a fashion-whore – if you don’t believe me, peep the number of #OOTD posts on my Instagram. Boots and plaids and layers are everything.

Another relevant change that occurs during the fall is my perspective – I seem to have a change in mindset every year during this time. I go from looking forward to the adventures of the coming year to reflecting on good memories and lessons learned during the course of the year that has passed. Often times, I feel like I’m hardly staying above water, but when I really take the opportunity to look back at the things I’ve accomplished during the year, I usually can’t help feeling a little proud – not in the way of “pride,” but more so in the way of gratefulness for the experiences I’ve had and the things I’ve taken from them.

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some truly amazing people this year and make a few genuinely incredible friendships. In the same hand, I’ve burned a few bridges and used the fire as a light to further my journey. I’ve been on some great adventures, from Eureka Springs with a girl I hardly knew (who just so happened to end up as one of my soul sisters) to Florida with my family – I can’t say I enjoyed every minute of it all, but I’m thankful for the precious time spent with precious people. I also made some very serious life changes, like going vegan and coming completely out of the broom closet (#wakethewitches) We’re nine months into 2018, and I have no regrets just yet.

I still don’t have it all figured out – what I want to do with my life or who I want to be – but I’m getting there. We all are. No matter how far along any of us are on our own unique journeys, we still have things to learn and room to grow. That’s the beauty of it though, ya know?

Thanks so much, y’all, for your support and love and for following me along this crazy, beautiful journey. I love you all.


One thought on “Falling for Fall

  1. I have literally always been a summer freak. I’ve LOVED the 100+ degree weather, the bright sunshine, early sunrise, and late sunsets. I have always loved getting sweaty in the summer heat, being outside, going on vacations, and being near water ( my happy place ). BUT, something about this year..this summer..I enjoyed the memories but I didn’t ENJOY summer itself. It’s so weird to me that I felt/ am feeling this way. As long as I can remember, I’ve hated winter..everything about it. BUT just last week I heard myself say ” I cannot wait for 40-50 degree weather and maybe even some snow”….WHAT?! #WhoAmI ?!?! Anyways, The past month I have come to realize that I love fall and maybe even strange to read that.

    Aside from all of that business, I totally get the change aspect in relation to fall. It is such a great time to start reflecting back…just taking a few minutes and really think about all of the lessons learned, memories made, mistakes made, etc.

    Keep up your posting! 🙂

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