Sunday Evening Tarot

Hello friends, and Happy Sunday evening to you! Today has been so rainy and dreary…the perfect day to STAY IN BED, and that’s what I did for the majority of my day. I did get out to pick up my sister-wife (inside joke) from work. We stopped by a local organic – Asian food market on the way home, and I picked up a few things including some delicious coconut juice. I learned about this creation from said sister-wife, and I was like huh? Coconut juice? So like…..coconut water? No? Okay, so like…..coconut milk? Yeah, not that either. It’s literally roasted coconut juice, water, pulp, and sugar, and it is the freaking most incredible creation that’s met my taste buds since coffee. Basically I’m an addict now, so if you haven’t tried it, I’ll link it below.

Anyway, so I’ve been wanting to post a “blog” for quite awhile now, but I’ve been sort of lost, I guess? I’ve been active on social media, and I’ve posted a few things about fashion and food on the website, but nothing super heart-felt.  I’ve been disconnected for quite some time, like spiritually. I haven’t been active in my craft. I haven’t celebrated the last two lunar cycles, and I basically completely overlooked Lammas, even though fall is my FAVORITE season. I’ve done a little decorating for fall & Halloween, but that’s about it. I guess my plate has been a little full lately <My sister-wife and her sweet son moved in with us recently, so there’s been double the child-noise, on-the-go, cooking, cleaning, etc.> but I realize the importance of taking time for self and for Spirit. That’s why I’ll be unwinding with a bath after this post 🙂

Over the past few days, I’ve felt like my soul has been reaching out and trying to get my attention – like I needed to do something or know something or feel something that I had just been ignoring. Finally today, while relaxing in bed and spending some “me-time,” I decided that I would do a few breathing exercises and pull tarot tonight, in hopes of receiving a little guidance and grounding. After dinner, Cyan bathed and decompressed with his favorite show, and I did some breathing and pulled three cards from my Rider-Waite deck – in this order: Page of Pentacles, Eight of Wands, Five of Cups.

While focusing on my breathing, I put some thought into my current place in life and where I see myself (or would like to see myself) in the near future. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job. I love my residents and <most of> my coworkers, I love being able to help people, I love having the opportunity to love on those who may be feeling lonely–I love being a part of something so much bigger and so much more important than me. My passion expands far beyond the walls of my facility, though, and I know that I will either continue filling my current plate, or I will get a new plate in time. I’ve recently been more consistent in modeling, which I love, and it would make me SO HAPPY to do more of that. I’ve also been in contact with a few brands about products to review, so that’s exciting, too! Really though, I just want my blog to take off and eventually I can use any extra income to fund my dreams of opening an animal sanctuary and rescue. I literally see animals in need of help and love and a home every single day, and my heart is soooo big enough, but my home is not. That breaks me – I want to love the animals and clean the planet and save the world, and I wish I could do everything at once. I’m reminded, though, that I’m only human and that good things take time.

Back to my card pull –

So I’m using Danielle Noel’s book, The Book of Tarot – A Guide For Modern Mystics, as a guidebook for this reading. After I pulled my three cards, I flipped to the pages that coordinated with the cards I pulled, and I have to say that I was relatively pleased with what my cards had to say.

1 – Page of Pentacles : Danielle’s book refers to this card as the Page of Crystals, which I thought was pretty cool and interesting. The message says, “Your ideas and plans are headed in the right direction, so it’s important to maintain a focus on your goals and aspirations. Now is the time to make concrete plans and to take action. The transition phase between dreams and reality. Expansion. Good news.”

Reading this, after all the thought I’ve been putting into about my future, was honestly so relieving. Obviously I’m still going to keep obsessing, but it’s nice to know that I’m on the right track. I know that making these dreams come true will not happen without work – that means <lucky for y’all!> being way more consistent with my blog posts! 😉

2 – Eight of Wands : Danielle’s message in relation to this card said, “The Eight of Wands is a card of swift action, transition, and positive news. Here is a creative force that requires your personal resolve and attention, perhaps with regard to new opportunities that are coming your way. This is the kind of energy that lights a fire beneath you, forcing you to get up and make things happen!”

Talk about additional reassurance + a swift kick to the pants! This message brought to me a more positive outlook beyond the overwhelming thoughts and emotions I’ve been experiencing lately, and it reminded me to FOCUS on the things that are truly important and will lead to success in my future ventures.

3. Five of Cups : Noel’s book had this to say about this card – “The Five of Cups reflects the deep energies of change that emerge through instability or loss and may indicate a time of grief or stress as you struggle to see a way forward. Perhaps you are unable to identify the potential opportunities or support systems that surround you at this time, which in turn may trigger negativity as you lose sight of the positive blessings in your life. This may also have to do with unresolved issues from your past that may be affecting your emotional and spiritual health. Know that a positive resolution is highly possible, but it will depend on you focus your energy and thoughts.”

Like, HELLO?! This was my literal feeling when I sat down to pull cards in the first place – emotionally unstable, overwhelmed, etc. The Five of Cups just assured me that my feelings are valid and reassured that the path I’m walking is not the end of the road, if I focus my sights on doing what’s right and good for others, for myself, and for future me. I feel like that can be true for all of us though – we are all going through something. For some of you, it may be starting back to school, or sending kiddo to school for the first time. You may be struggling with depression or unhappiness in a current relationship. Whatever the bridge you’re crossing, remember to keep your focus and your faith, because there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Thank you guys so much for taking time to read my post! I’ve linked this delicious coconut juice right here –> FOCO Roasted Coconut Juice I hope you have a chance to try it, and if you do, please leave me a comment and let me know what you think!

Love & light!


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