Simplicity and Magical Things.

Hello, sweet friends & followers ❤ I hope you’re having a great weekend! My heart was filled to the brim yesterday, & I wanted to share a post to let you in on a little magic that I experienced in the mundane of this life. Read along for more!

Saturdays are basically my favorite day of the week! I love the freedom of being schedule-free and having time to spend with my family & fur-babes. Every Saturday usually holds a little bit of magic for me, whether it be the magic of life or the magick I conjure up (; Anyway, yesterday started out pretty normal. Cyan woke up before 7AM, & I did my best to convince him that it was not the time for board games… #MOMLIFE He settled on watching Inspector Gadget and let me get another hour or so of sleep, thank goodness. After some waffles and a shower, I was ready to tackle the day.

We headed out on our typical Saturday journey around town. First, we made our way to Webb City to check out some steals & deals at a local boutique’s warehouse sale. I had been saving posts all week in my excitement–I love a good sale, and this place has CUTE stuff! My excitement ended when we arrived only to see that they closed the doors more than a few hours before what was advertised ): No sales for this mama.

By that point I was sad & hungry, so we drove across town to one of my favorite food spots–Qdoba! Mexican food is my weakness, and I love getting meatless bowls with queso & guac at Qdoba. My tummy was filled and my frown turned upside down (: Cyan loves Qdoba, too. He loves to order plain chicken tacos and applesauce, & he is quite impressed with all of their custom drink options. During the entirety of his meal, my sweet boy had eyes all over a couple little girls across the restaurant. He hardly talked, which is very unlike him, because he was too focused on the girls! It was honestly the cutest thing ever. After he finished his meal, John said something to the effect of, “Yeah, I see you checking out those girls. Why don’t you go say hi to them?” He was joking, of course, but to our surprise, Cyan replied, “Yeah, I guess I will,” AND HEADED OVER TO THE LITTLE GIRLS ACROSS THE RESTAURANT! John and I kept looking back and forth at each other, nervous and surprised at the little man my sweet boy was becoming. Cyan walked slowly at first. When he made his way to the girls, he said “hi” three times before they ended up hearing him. He climbed up into the seat next to them, and they invited him to color pictures! It was the cutest thing ever, watching them smile and talk, but what was even more special was watching my little boy put away his anxiety and go after something that he wanted, even though he was unsure of what would be the outcome.

After we left and headed back home, I grabbed my tools and went off to style a special girl’s hair and makeup for prom! I am licensed in cosmetology, but as y’all may know, my career is in healthcare. While I love what I do, I miss getting to help others feel beautiful, so I usually jump at any chance I get to do my cosmo-thing. This client of mine is not only a total sweetheart, but she is absolutely beautiful. Needless to say, it didn’t take much effort from me to have her looking like a total knockout. She and her mother were both so pleased that they asked me to do her makeup for her upcoming senior pictures, too! (: Talk about exciting!

After I returned home, I loaded up the boys and we made our way to the mall, as John was in need of pants for work. First, we stopped to get smoothies because YUM. Our next stop was TJ Maxx (obsessed!) John found one pair of pants there, and I found the comfiest sweat pants I’ve ever felt in my life! Score! Finally, we went to Old Navy. John found not one, but two pairs of cargo pants (I freaking love cargo pants) and I found a super duper comfy sweatshirt! (: (: Now, I do realize that we are approaching summer, meaning that sweats aren’t necessarily clothing of choice for some, but I am always down for comfies, ya feel me? (You can bet your boots I put my new sweats on at the end of the night and LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!)

We were all tired and our shopping journey was over, so we headed back home. We were only blocks away when I saw flashes of color up in the sky–FIREWORKS!! To the boys’ surprise, I drove right past the house and continued toward the sparkling colors! After only a few minutes, we approached the location where the fireworks were being launched. As it turns out, it was a stadium where some kind of fireworks demo was being held, so we sat in the car for about half an hour and watched the beautiful fireworks explode into the sky. Now, I’m not a super-fan of fireworks during July, only because there are usually SO MANY PEOPLE at the firework shows. Don’t get me wrong, I love people, but I’m sort of an extroverted introvert, LOL. I think that has everything to do with my empathic personality and the anxiety I feel when I’m surrounded by the emotions of so many people. Seeing the fireworks last night, just me & my little fam, was so special to me because I was able to feel my own feelings–happiness, joy, excitement, and love for the day’s experiences and the people around me.

I know not every day can be like yesterday, but I am thankful for the days that happiness flows like a natural spring. Life is so beautiful when we allow it to be, and there is magic around every little corner–we just have to look (;


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