Friday feelings-

Hellooo, and Happy Friday, my friends! This is not just any Friday–today is Friday the 13th! OOOOH, SPOOKY! Okay, so not really. I’m not superstitious in the sense that this day is full of bad omens and unlucky things. I have been especially conscious to keep my favorite little black feline, Cordelia Moon, inside today though. I mean technically she’s inside everyday, but she’s really cute and curious and likes to sit by the front door, waiting for her chance to explore the outer-world when the door is opened. Not today, sista! Being a little witchy, I like to consider Friday the 13th somewhat of a holiday due to the extra awareness of oddities and potential for magick! While everyone else is focused on not walking under ladders (do people actually do that?) and steering clear of danger, I like to mentally plan out all the hoodrat things I can do with my friends……then I come home, change into my comfies before 6PM, and scroll through social media while sipping on mushroom tea.

Wait, what? YES, I AM SERIOUS. Mushroom tea is a thing, and it’s totally delicious and totally healthy! The hyped fungus-brew has many benefits such as hormone regulation, breaking down cortisol, and lowering stress, as well as being a high source of antioxidants. I first heard about mushroom tea on my favorite podcast, HiPPiE WiTCH, hosted by Joanna Devoe. Not only is this witchy woman so down to earth, but she has so many great obsessions (mushroom tea being one!) and loves to share them with her listeners so they can get in on alllll da goodness, ya feel me? So, I heard about the benefits of mushroom tea on this podcast and I thought, “Mm…maybe.” Wouldn’t you know that a few days later in TJ Maxx (fave!) I would find some mushroom tea! I bought it, brewed it, and officially decided that it was better than “okay.” Most mushroom blends contain a mixture of stevia, licorice root, and mint, meaning that it’s semi-sweet and super yummy. Definitely something to try if you’re up for something healthy and out of the ordinary!

Speaking of healthy, I was doing a little research today, and I ended up making a very difficult decision….Beginning tomorrow, April 14th, I have decided to take a two-week long fast from my most loved carb–BREAD. I know, I know. It seems like I’m slowly doing away with all kinds of food and soon I will end up eating tofu and kale alone. Thankfully though, that is not the case. In my last post, I mentioned that I had adapted to a pescatarian diet, containing no meat other than fish and seafoods. I’m still sticking to it, and it’s still not the slightest bit difficult. I do have more energy than before, along with wayyy less guilt when I drive by pastures of pretty cows, but I still feel like there’s room for change. Mid-July, my BFF Erin & I will be going on VACAYYYYYY to the beach! Hollaaaaa! I am so ready, but my bikini body is not. Being a former gym-a-holic, I know that 80% of your body is built in the kitchen, which has prompted my decision in doing away with bread. In one article I read, a doctor recommended starting off with a two week bread fast, being long enough to get past the flu-like symptoms of carb depletion and still allowing the opportunity to see how you feel without excess water weight and hopefully increased energy. What could it hurt? Extra energy and a little weight loss sounds incredible, if you ask me. Don’t get me wrong–I know that once I incorporate bread back into my diet (in small amounts) I will end up retaining water weight again and potentially send my body into craving-mode, meaning additional weight gain, BUT I feel like this is worth a shot. Not only am I modifying my diet, but also consistently doing yoga and working in cardio/strength training at home. At this point, I’m still anti-gym since burning myself out while training for a bikini competition last spring, but I’m definitely motivated enough to continue working on my fitness goals at home. Look good, feel good, right?

Do y’all have any out of the ordinary health obsessions? What about favorite podcasts or apps/channels for guided yoga? Let me know in the comments!



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One thought on “Friday feelings-

  1. Kicking bread is hard but it makes my belly much happier (less bloating & gas). Good luck to you on that.

    With a recent medical scare, (had to have cells removed from my cervix). I’ve been taking an herb turmeric (also a seasoning). Its a yellow/orange color, & it turns your pee neon yellow. Haha.

    I’ve been drinking a tea thats a blend of Echinacea & elderberry its delicious (normally I have to have my tea super sweet) all I need is a squirt of honey & it’s good.


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