Oh, the season of sickness is upon us! <cringing> Trust me when I say if you haven’t gotten sick, you are one of the lucky ones! I was just lucky enough to get hit with the stomach flu, the flu-flu, and strep throat THREE WEEKS IN A ROW. Needless to say, it’s been a battle, and I’ve been trying to get back in the swing of things ever since!

For those of you that don’t already know, I launched my YouTube channel a couple of weeks ago! It’s a Beauty/Vlog channel, and you can check it out here. Due to my recent illnesses, I only have one video uploaded thusfar, but I plan on uploading AT LEAST one more this week! I’m still trying to figure out all the editing and decide what I want for my backdrop(s) but I know it will all come together in time 🙂

Isn’t it insane that we are already almost done with the first month of 2018? I seriously feel like this month has flown by, don’t you? Last week was the first New Moon of the year, and I made a list of intentions and personal goals that I plan to manifest over the next twelve months. Many of those goals included social media (like keeping up with my YouTube channel and my blog!) but I also listed personal goals as well. One of my personal goals is to make time for myself at least once every other week, whether that be locking the door and taking 20 minutes for a hot bath, or leaving the boys to play Zombies and taking a few hours for some retail therapy. I fully believe that me-time is a necessity to remain sane–you can’t pour from an empty cup, am I right?

Another one of my intentions for 2018 is to cook for my family at least three times a week. I know what you’re probably thinking–only three times a week?! Listen, Linda.. My boothang is currently taking evening classes to finish up his HVAC degree, so it’s just my little and I around at dinner time. Can I just tell you how much easier it is to make popcorn or sandwiches or grab food to go, rather than cooking a meal and having to put it all away, just for John to get it back out when he gets home? I feel like three times a week is a good start, at least until John gets done with evening classes. Know what else that means? Cooking at home means RECIPES, which means I will have more to upload on my Foodie page! Speaking of….check back this later for a recipe on Pizza Bagels!

Other goals and intentions on my list include creating a budget that I will actually follow, and dedicating more time to my craft. For those of you who don’t know, I practice witchcraft. I sometimes refer to myself as a witch, but I’m not super open about my practice or beliefs on social media.. (I guess this is me coming out of the broom closet to some of you, eh? Surprise!) I was previously a devout Christian, and with no disregard or judgment to Christianity, I simply discovered that I resonate more with nature and energies, among other witchy things, so I decided to change my path. Since I began to research and practice my own craft, I have found that I am really coming into myself, without having to feel shame for the things that I feel or experience. It’s honestly been a very freeing and liberating journey thusfar, and I cannot wait to continue to strengthen my abilities as a witch and grow into the healing, light-working, justice-seeking woman I know that I am meant to be.

I cannot wait to see and experience everything that 2018 has for me! What are some of your goals and intentions for this year? How do you plan to carry them out?

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