Happy Monday, friends! It’s been a few weeks since my last post, but my time away has been nothing less than hectic! Between buying a new car <YAY!> and adopting a new pet <we got a kitten, and she is absolutely adorable> along w/ momming, working, maintaining the house (shoutout to my fiancé for helping out so much, you da real MVP!) and everything else that is part of my day-to-day, I haven’t set aside the time to blog. I’ve hardly had time to relax, let alone do yoga or practice my craft. Does it ever feel like you’re 90-to-nothing allllllll day long, and then when you finally get home, you want to do nothing more than lay in bed and decompress? That’s been my life lately.

Though it doesn’t seem like I have much time for relaxation at home, I recently started listening to a podcast on my way to work that allows me to meditate on the go. Meditation Minis is a guided meditation hosted by hypnotist Chel Hamilton. Each meditation is around 10-15 minutes long, allowing me to relax and find my center in a short amount of time. There is a wide variety of topics and self help meditations to choose from, including physical and emotional healing, overcoming anxiety, decluttering, and changing your personal habits. I can honestly say that I feel much more in tune on the mornings that I listen to this podcast, versus the mornings that I don’t. If you’re interested in a short & sweet guided meditation, you can join over three million listeners and subscribe to Meditation Minis through iTunes or Android.

Last week, I made a point to take a bath. I usually take about a five minute shower and get back to running around like a chicken w my head cut off, LOL. Unfortunately, I realized that I had an ingrown toenail <ew, hate them> and needed to soak my feet, so I just decided to soak my whole body! A little essential oil and the remainder of a Lush bath bomb that my BFF got me last Christmas accompanied by candlelight and the sound of Danielle Bradbery’s new album created the perfect atmosphere for “me time.” Don’t be mistaken–in the entire 30 minutes I sat in the bath, I was interrupted by Cyan NO LESS than 7 times, LOL. But honestly, that’s to be expected.. <#momlife> The feeling of my body submersed in the water reminded me just how much I love taking baths, so I promised myself that I would make a point to take a bath, rather than a shower, at least twice a month.

For me, solace normally looks very…..hygge. I find my peace w a warm blanket or hoodie fresh from the dryer, curled up w Cyan and my fur babes. Other times, it’s a few moments gazing at the moon, in all of it’s beauty, after Cyan’s gone to sleep. In the hustle and bustle, comfort is present in warm, frothy drinks, scented wax melts, and the sound of my own heartbeat letting me know that I’m making it.

What is your favorite way to relax? Is there a scent or sound that automatically puts you in “that place” of relaxation? Make some time for those things today.


2 thoughts on “Om.

  1. I love laying in a HOT salt bath and relaxing once a week. I jut love hearing the water run and will drain some just to add more hot and hear the noise.

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