Hello, friends! Welcome to my blog. If you’ve been following me for long, you may have subscribed to my previous blog, MamaRunsOnFaith. As life happens, things change, as do people. It just so happens that I’ve done some changing myself! (Yes, more than just my hair!) I’ve come to a place of discovery, a journey, if you will. I’ve begun to learn that I’m not as broken as I once thought <neither are you!> and that it’s okay to feel, well, deflated sometimes.

Recently, I’ve grown to love all things natural–I’m talking growing herbs in my kitchen, making my own fabric softener, and even venturing as far as using organic cotton tampons <honestly, I didn’t notice any real difference than regular tampons!> If I’m feeling under the weather, you’re not likely to see me run to the store for medicine, but rather grab something from my pantry or run to the nearest whole food market. Convenience used to be so important to me, but after realizing that the things I consume and use for myself and my family actually make a difference, sustainable and earth-friendly ingredients have taken precedence. Don’t get me wrong–I’m not completely green (yet!) I still enjoy Starbucks, my hair products contain chemicals, and I think Jello is downright freaking awesome, BUT….I’m trying. I’m being intentional about what I bring into my home. I’m being intentional (most of the time!) about what goes into my body. I’m thinking twice about the impact that I’m having on this earth and its creatures.

I’m Calyn, and this is my blog.